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  •  21st Century Growth: Beyond the Energy – Water – Food Nexus
  • Water Stewardship 2.0


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Water Tech

The book that “Breaks New Ground” for water entrepreneurs and investors worldwide.

This book unveils how the world in the twenty-first century will need to manage our mostfundamental resource need, water.

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Corporate Water StrategiesPre-Order CORPORATE WATER STRATEGIES Now

A ‘must read’ for anyone involved in developing and implementing a corporate water strategy.

In the past businesses have viewed water as a minimal operational cost and not a strategic issue. However, water has now emerged as a critical issue for both corporations and the public sector in response to increased water demand, climatic risks and potentially negative impacts on brand value.

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Greening Brownfields

The definitive guide to finding profit and opportunity in cleaning up brownfield development sites.



This forward-looking resource discusses sustainable remediation methods for converting a land liability into a high-value asset. Greening Brownfields presents best practices and creative thinking on how to increase property value by viewing contaminated sites as lucrative opportunities.

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